Noida police arrests Jhansi resident in connection with Mahadev gaming App and gambling racket

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Noida police arrested Ayush Tiwari from Jhansi on Monday, discovering his alleged involvement in an elaborate gambling racket associated with the Mahadev App reported. This arrest follows the police’s crackdown two months ago when charges were pressed against 18 individuals linked to the group. The ongoing operation aims to capture the remaining suspects.

The activities of this group were not confined to just online gambling. Noida emerged as a focal point for an extensive online gambling network, notably orchestrated through the “Setar-108” game, states a report in Hindustan. The illicit operation, exposed by the police a few months ago, involved rented rooms that housed the entire setup for the gambling enterprise.

Sources indicate that Noida was a central hub for this nefarious operation, employing the Mahadev Game App as a front for unlawful gambling activities. The app facilitated users in engaging with live games like poker, card games, and chance games. Moreover, it served as a conduit for illegal betting on various sports events, ranging from cricket and badminton to tennis, football, and even political elections.

In response to mounting concerns and governmental directives, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) imposed a blanket ban on the Mahadev App. The Noida Police had also issued a notice, calling for the immediate shutdown of the app. The crackdown targets numerous individuals associated with the group, revealing a complex web of unlawful activities.

Notably, the Mumbai-based person named Saurabh, overseeing operations remotely, played a pivotal role in orchestrating the racket. Under his leadership, Noida became a key operational base, with the entire setup meticulously established in rented accommodations.


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