Sahil Khan remanded in police custody until May 7 in the Mahadev App case

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Actor Sahil Khan, accused in the Mahadev betting app case, has been detained in police custody until May 7th reported Free Press Journal. Khan was arrested by the Mumbai Crime Branch’s Special Investigative Team (SIT) in Chhattisgarh and transferred to Mumbai on April 28th. He had been avoiding authorities by frequently changing his location. Khan stands accused of operating a betting platform and endorsing illegal gambling practices. Investigation into the Mahadev betting app case conducted by the Matunga Police in Mumbai revealed Sahil Khan as an accused.

This morning a court hearing was held concerning the case. Government prosecutors argued in court that the actor was not cooperating with the investigation. Meanwhile, Sahil Khan’s defence maintains that the police have yet to provide any concrete evidence, reported Zee News.

During the proceedings, government prosecutors claimed that Sahil Khan was not only endorsing the app but was instead its owner, facilitating online gambling. Authorities informed the court that Sahil Khan owned ‘The Lion Book’ app and frequently travelled to Dubai in connection with this business.

Investigators aim to establish whom Sahil Khan met in Dubai and who covered his travel expenses. Crime branch officials informed the court that Sahil Khan was not cooperating with the investigation, and is not providing satisfactory answers to queries. The police requested the court to grant them custody to further probe these matters.

Sahil Khan’s legal team argued that he is a celebrity who endorses various apps, and his association with Lion Book was just an endorsement. They stated that there is no evidence linking him to gambling activities or transactions. After hearing arguments from both sides, the court remanded Sahil Khan in police custody until May 7th.

Sahil Khan has appeared in several Bollywood films, including “Excuse Me,” “Aladdin,” and “Rama.” Sahil Khan has a YouTube channel where he motivates people towards fitness and operates his gym. Allegations against him include promoting the Mahadev betting app on his website, as well as endorsing apps like The Lion Book and 24*7 involved in gambling activities.

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